Gemini Mission (2023)

Gemini Mission (2023)

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 After the turmoil caused by the enchantment of the fox demon on the scholar subsided, the capital city returned to its former prosperity and bustle. Empress Wu, in high spirits, decided to hold a grand autumn hunting event, inviting nobles and skilled warriors from the common folk to come together and engage in equestrian archery competitions. The Tuyuhun Khan Murong Ji, too, was invited to participate in the autumn hunt but found himself becoming a “suspect” in a conspiracy to assassinate Empress Wu due to a series of unfortunate events. With no way out, Murong Ji sought help from Pei Kun, hoping that he could assist in finding the true culprit and clear his name of wrongdoing. To protect the peace and prosperity of the Tang Dynasty and to help his friend, Pei Kun, along with his comrades Wei Chizhu and Han Dongqing, joined forces once again to investigate. Along the way, they encountered numerous dangers and comical situations. Eventually, they managed to uncover the true culprit behind the plot to assassinate Empress Wu, preventing a war between the Tang Dynasty and Tuyuhun.

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Genre: Animation

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